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This Woman Chose an Unusual Way of Dealing with Her Divorce
When Amanda Brignall separated from her husband at the age of 37, she decided to change her life ...

This new mother nurses her baby. But when look closer? OH MY GOD!
Kate Murray is a popular photographer form Florida, who was asked to photograph a mother while she ...


The Funniest Paranoid Parrot Memes

For your meme enjoyment this week, we've rounded up an entertaining set featuring a certain suspicious feathered friend. Though parrots are often known for their mimicking abilities, ‘Paranoid Parrot' is too worried about his classmates reading minds or 99.9% odds to bother with tricks. Characterized by its mundane scenarios followed by a completely irrational response, this meme is just too funny. Check out the best of ‘Paranoid Parrot' below!

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Do like as in photo, if you see this tendon, it means something very particular
Place your thumb and little finger together. In some people a tendon will be clearly visible, and ...

Reeling from the glares she received in the store, in her car, she reveals a heartbreaking story
A undeserved comment

They cover his body with oil and run a spatula over him. Five hours later, they can't believe what they see
Horrible people...

With wire hangers when cuts by her, the result is perfect for every home
If you have a bunch of wire hangers sitting around in your closet, then consider trying some of ...

They wanted a photo with their daughters, but there are two dead boys with them that will never be forgotten
Devastating, but wonderful

Their security cam recorded her dog alone, but what the saw tragedy
Accompanying the couple was their 4 year old Yorkshire Terrier Dixie.

If you have ever been a bride before, you may know how GENIUS this invention is
Bride puts on a new Invention. It may look silly, but it solves common problem of brides.

The dropped camera into the sea, record something never seen before
Watching the video made me realize how much of the ocean we have yet to discover. I’m excited — I ...

Can your middle finger reach your wrist? If not, you have some nasty traits that could destroy your relationship!
Show me your hands!