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Miniature Circle Tattoos By Turkish Artist Eva Krbdk
Eva Krbdk is a tattoo artist based in Istanbul, Turkey. Her miniature circle tattoos come in a ...

Woman feels around this man's scalp with tweezers. What she pulls out at 1:01 is so nasty!
​Shocking video. Huge!


Retro Comics Edited Into Dynamic Sound Effect Collages

Based in Florida, Amy Watkins is a huge comic book fan, but after reading her extensive collection front to back and back to front she wanted to inject a new leash of life into them. That was the inspiration behind her decision to create these intricate collages, a tribute to her favourite characters presented in an entirely new format & designed to look stunning on anyone's love my comics too much to keep them in dusty long boxes in the closet. After I've read the stories and pored over the pictures, I want to enjoy my comics again, as a medium for new art. I sell original, handmade pieces–no prints here–constructed out of the amazing art of old comic books.&tt&br/You can get your hands on selected designs right here via her official Etsy store PowerUpCollage.

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If you get enough of this vitamin every day, you won't get bitten by mosquitos this year.
Every day

They photoshopped this model to the extreme. You will never believe what she actually is
Don't be deceived

Horrifying facts that you must stop bitting your nails
​Here are horrifying facts that will help you stop biting your nails…

He was sentenced to 48 years in prison. 17 years in, a nine-year-old visits and gives him hope again.
A murderer and an autistic boy

28 Impressive Examples Of Street Art Around The World
In case you didn't know, we're avid supporters of street art / graffiti, there's a lot to be said ...

Police stormed this house in the Ukraine and what they found shocked them to the core
Trapped in darkness

These parents adopted a baby. But 10 years later when the orphanage sent them a picture, they were stunned
The best present ever

Thousands of women ingest this white powder as a pill, but few know about these 9 uses.
Not just for your hair, skin, and nails

Do you throw away onion skins? Never again! You can do these six amazing things with them.
Onion power