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Her grandfather was the one who brought her up. But what they find in the 20-year-old's room is heartbreaking.
When forgiveness helps to heal

Four doctors told her it was nothing to worry about. Only the fifth told her the horrible truth
Nobody would listen


7 People Who Totally Regret Ever Getting on a Swing

Just like going down the playground slide is a fun (and sometimes painful) way to revisit childhood, so to are swings. The thing about swings, though, is there's a risk factor involved from the get-go. You know that game where you swing and swing and then try to jump off and go really far? Or the one where you try to go super high? Sure it's fun stuff, but we have two words for you: fail are unpredictable little buggers, which often results in falls and flips and other awfully funny injuries. See what we mean below.

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The human body is a phenomenon.

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Their 3-year-old son was strangely quiet. When they discovered what was happening, they cried out in terror
Hidden intruder

The man brazenly parked over two parking spaces. When he came back, he met his just deserts
Parking lot revenge!