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This birtday is extra special, becouse parents know that she couldnt celebrate another one
Five year old Lila May Schow, has suffered with stage four neuroblastoma for three years.

10 Best Video Game Swords
Why are swords are so popular? It could be that they're functional, or customizable, or that they ...


Ordinary Objects Humorously Replaced with Baguettes

Baguette-Me-Nots is an unusually funny Tumblr blog started by comedic duo Tim Bierbaum and John Milhiser (of comedy group Serious Lunch) that involves nothing more than humorously replacing objects and limbs with baguettes. The quirky project inserts the large loafs of bread in place of ordinary items like a toothbrush, gardening hose, razor, and flute. The long, narrow French bread is even used to take the place of human limbs and a dog.

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Do these movements every night before bed and observe the miracle that follows!
Simply ingenious

This woman took tweezers and put them inside here. What happens next almost made me vomit
A new level of disgusting!

Blow on both of your thumbs. What happens next is astounding!
Get well soon

Twin sisters both give birth to their first child on the same day, at the exact SAME TIME
Identical twin sisters have miraculously given birth on the same day, at the same time, in their ...

Dying woman lays in hospital bed. Therapy dog tenderly comforts her during her final moments
Meet JJ. He's a golden retriever belonging to Project Canine, and a HOPE Animal Assisted Crisis ...

Controversial Pictures of Painted Cats
Controversy sells big time – and if you publish a book that in the reviews is called ''so weird ...

With a dislocated hip, the 2-year-old lay in the shopping cart. But when her mother entered the supermarket one day, she wept with joy
He watches her the whole day...

To look like Red Skull this man has his nose removed. Now he looks like
His transformation is taking obsession a little too far in our opinion, but hey to each their own I ...