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At age 16 she is stunned when her father shows what he has been doing since she was a child
Five minutes of childhood

Superhero Jewelry
This is a collection of Superhero Jewelry sold over at Etsy shop WhatsYourPassion. What's my ...


10 Fantastical Portraits Inspired By Popular Films

Inspired by some of her favorite characters and movie scenes, New Yorker Alice X. Zhang has crafted a series of glorious portraits dedicated to film. Adapting iconic poses, scenes and posters from the likes of There Will Be Blood, The Dark Knight, Pulp Fiction, Leon: The Professional, Lord Of The Rings, The Prestige, Lost In Translation, Gladiator Slumdog Millionaire & Les Miserables she's built up an impressive collection, each with her trademark colours & unique paints each imagine in Photoshop, enhancing, shifting and altering each element as she goes – a process that takes her about four hours for each image. You can see more her impressive collection via her deviantART profile, as well as find out where she's being featured next via her you're in New York, you can see a few of them up close and personal at the Bottleneck Gallery in Brooklyn, until June 28, let us know your personal favorites!

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When neighborhood kids bully his son, this father says nothing. What he does instead is amazing
Just have courage...

Proof that every woman eventually turns into her mother
“Take a good look at me. This is what you can expect Tanya to look like in a few years,” cackled a ...

Fish Delivery
Fish being delivered to a pet store. The fish is placed in small baggies but the baggies each had ...

Talented Mom Creates Epic Napkin Art For Her Kids Lunch
There's already quite a few awesome parents out there, but creative mother of two Nina Levy takes ...

A swelling on the young mother's neck left her in pain, but what doctors found shattered the entire family's life
Pure hope

Parents don't know that it feels like torture for kids and destroys their confidence. Be better and simply don't do it!
Please don't

When the surfer looks behind him, he tries to escape but then unforgettable happens
Sheer panic

They made women's hearts beat faster, but now
Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Richard Gere - they and many others once made women's hearts beat ...

How could this happen with husband’s passport?
A Scottish woman mistakenly brought her husband’s expired passport with her on the way to Turkey ...