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The proof of there is no ugly woman
Makeup changes every woman, but it's really hard to believe that this is a large degree makes a ...

Had no idea why she was gaining so much weight until woke up one morning and realized this
When it comes to the amount of food you can eat without putting on too many extra pounds, everyone ...


More Ridiculously Specific Lego Faces We Can Expect

A recent study has shown that the faces of Lego characters are expressing a wider array of emotions than they used to, you know, since they used to only be happy. Anger, confusion, deceptively neutral — all are making ''scientists'' are worrying about the effect that playing with a bunch of miffed tiny men is going to have on the psyches of children, we just want to know what Lego's going to do next. Since we have no patience, we went ahead and made some potential Lego mini-figures of our own. Because there are only so many professions left before they have to turn to the incredibly mundane. (Photoshops by Kristy Puchko). Check out the study here:

Annoyed by another baby vine video

Just watched Red Wedding scene on Game of Thrones

Realizing he's the only guy still on drugs at Bonnaroo

Tasting a Cronut for the first time

Taking a duckface selfie

Learning to ‘Prancercise‘

Being confused by "The Google"

Affecting hipster indifference to the latest Vampire Weekend album

Finally experiencing a different emotion after decades of being a Lego mini-figure.

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She put salt in a sock and placed it in a pan. What a brilliant idea.
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