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WTF Signs all Over the Place
Signs here, signs there, signs everywhere, aren't you tired of reading the same thing over and ...

What can go wrong? What the people in these 18 photos were thinking is anyone's guess.
Almost... but not quite!


Nylon Stockings Transformed Into Horrifying Monsters

You wouldn't think that the average pair of nylon stockings could be transformed into a series of nightmarish creatures – but that's what visionary Dutch artist Rosa Verloop has twisting turning, dragging, stretching and pining countless pairs of nylon stockings he's brought to life a macabre collection of gruesome monsters and decomposing bodies. And whilst they creepy to the extreme, you can't deny the sheer skill and imagination that has gone into creating them. You can view the entire collection right just hope they don't pay you a chilling visit in the depths of the night…

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Get this kid an agent

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Every night he rolls in their feces. Only when his back looks like this does he get help.
Have peace of mind again in bed

The hungry dog takes the piece of meat, but she does not eat it. This is something heartbreakin

The man pushes on cats to make music ..simply amazing!
A man has created the first ever 'cat organ' to play music.