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A jogger finds something on the ground, and his heroic action is rewarded 5 weeks later
A very special journal.

Dog sees a rat on his owner's bed, but what they do is extraordinary
Osiris is a three year old Dutch Shepherd. He lives in Chicago, Illinois with his owner, who shot ...


Unique Masks Created By 21 Imaginative Artists

Whilst ambling down Sydney's bustling creative hub of Oxford Street in Australia, you will come across He Made She Made gallery, home to a new exhibition d ‘Masked Intentions'. 21 artists and designers were invited to create a mask and image for the exhibition and accompanying publication. The results are as remarkable as they are artist has interpreted and produced a unique anecdotal work for the exhibition. Compare the equally tribal and contemporary work of Tamara Maynes alongside the gruesomely beautiful oceanic facehugger by Eduardo Wolfe-Alegria for the full effect. All the images were photographed in sharp detail by Tomasz Machnikbr/Below are just a few samples of the masks from the exhibition, you can see the full series here as well as order limited edition prints and even the original masks themselves – a perfect accompaniment to your own creative endeavours.

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