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You'll never pop a pimple again after watching this, because this is the right way to do it!
Beautiful skin—easy and quick

Korean Photoshop Requests and the Results
&tt&We Do Phoshop&tt& is a Korean Facebook page where people can submit their photos to have ...


New Mind-Bending Illusion of People Scaling a Building

Argentine artist Leandro Erlich is at it again with another interactive installation that gives off the illusion that participants are sitting on the edge of a windowsill, dangling off a ledge, and scaling the side of a building. Similar to his three-dimensional piece from last year, this one (known as Dalston House) invites visitors to participate in the illusionary fun. It allows people young and old to playfully swing, leap, and perform their death-defying stunts all from the safety of the situating the facade of a Victorian house on the floor and placing an enormous mirror over it at a 45 derece angle, those that partake in the fun are given the opportunity to see themselves in incredibly daring positions. It's not everyday (if ever) that you're cartwheeling from one second-story window to the next or taking a nap on the outer edge of a part of Beyond Barbican, Dalston House is currently on display on a vacant lot on Ashwin Street in East London and open to the public for FREE through August 4, 2013.

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They photographed this home birth. The pictures are the most beautiful of a birth I have ever seen.
She wanted it to have it just like this. The result is unbelievable.

This little boy doesn't yet know the horror that awaits him. What happens to his mother is a nightmare.
Grab the tissues!

This two-year-old died an agonizing death after Christmas. The reason is the size of your fingernail.

She places two eggs inside a plastic bag. What she done next will change your breakfast forever
What an easy recipe the family will love!

I thought it was a dead dog, but then his eyes moved. What happens next is unbelievable
A horrible mess

Newborn twins seen on video hugging each other during bath
A woman uploaded a video that showed newborn twins hugging each other during a bath.

Can your middle finger reach your wrist? If not, you have some nasty traits that could destroy your relationship!
Show me your hands!

They hid a microphone to spy on the babysitter after the dog started acting strangely. Then they heard the unthinkable.
Completely defenseless

This is the coolest party trick! He skins the inside of a watermelon, now watch
Everyone loves a good party trick, but it's even better when the trick is fun for the whole family!