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Cancer patient shares important message for anyone who knows someone fighting this disease
Powerful words

If your dog get bored, you will shocked when see inside the home
Active and curious animals left unattended at home.


Dazzling Origami Creatures Designed To Impress

Vietnamese origami artist Nguyá»...n H ¹ng CÆdereceờngis responsible for these dazzling paper works of art. You need two things to be a great origami artist, a vivid imagination and the patience of a Saint – something that Nguyen clearly has in abundance. From threatening scorpions to silverback gorillas and even sophisticated mice – he can do it''I have learned origami mainly from books… there are a lot of great origami books from creators all over the world. I am always amazed by the way they can fold whatever they want using just one uncut square, so when I design my own models, I also try to use one square only''br/The question you have to ask is, where can he go next? Whatever subject he chooses, rest assured it will be a impressive as these works. Make sure you witness more visual goodness via his official Flickr

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