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Ultimate Forever Alone Post
These pictures will show you the true definition of Forever Alone.

This invasion of mini-puppies is making the entire world squeal with delight. I rolled over and played dead.
You have no chance...


Feeling Hungry? Enjoy This Simply Delicious Sandwich Book!

We've all flicked through the odd cooking book and proudly declared ''I wish I could eat that! It looks sooooooo yummy!''br/Well thanks to the inventive powers of Pawel Piotrowski now you can….sort of. The talented Polish designer has created a fun (yet sadly non-edible) sandwich book where each page is filled with all the delicious ingredients you might find in a gourmet sandwich or tasty don't need to read the ingredients or s to feel a sudden urge of the munchies, just feast your eyes on his work and get ready to bring lunch time forward an hour.

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Until death do us part

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Incredible design

The baby is learning to crawl But watch the 2 huskies in the background!
Best friend to man and baby. Cute!

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