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Stylish Silver Skulls Used To House Wintry Landscapes

It's not every day that you see human skulls used as a canvas for art, but Danish artist Frodo Mikkelsen isn't afraid of the should add they are actually moulds and not genuine skulls of those dearly departed. He crowns each skull with various wintry scenes of life in the countryside – cabins tucked away in the woods, abandoned shacks on a hill and even the odd curious grizzly bear having a poke sculptures are as unique as they are unusual, filled with tiny details and intricate features, they vary between 22-25cm in height. Whether you'd want them on your mantlepiece at home is open to some debate but you can't deny that they'd prove to be a terrific of a conversation us know what you think by leaving a comment below and make sure you check out Mikkelsen's other s and works of art right here:

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