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When the builders look through the window on the ninth floor, it stabs them right through the heart
Just one look out the window...

The proof of there is no ugly woman
Makeup changes every woman, but it's really hard to believe that this is a large degree makes a ...


A Person Shockingly Inside Another Person

How outrageous is this Speak Like a Native ad campaign by Hakuhodo Indonesia advertising agency! With innovation at the heart of their operations, the company's creative team concocted this eye-catching concept by following the motto of &tt&creative alchemy,&tt& where new ideas come from unexpected bizarre series was developed to promote Berlitz Language School, a company that helps individuals, businesses, and organizations develop the language and cross-cultural skills necessary to succeed in an international world. The clever images—which are certainly quite shocking—suggest that there is a native speaker in all of us, we just have to let him or her come out through our words. With the s Afrochina, Indijap, and Arabmerican, the campaign alludes to the fact that, by learning a new language at the Berlitz Language School, we can eventually &tt&speak like a native.&tt&

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Passengers think the man's the dad and think nothing of it. What he really does can't be taken for granted.
Courage above the clouds

Baby Bird Is Rescued by the Kindness of Man
This tiny bird fell to the ground in someone's home as a result of the scorching heat. The people ...

This baby gets a new toy. But by 0:09, the mother nearly drops the camera from laughing!
Baby cracks up while playing with new toy.

What Is Wrong with This Loving Teen Couple?
Arin Andrews, 17 and Katie Hill, 19, look just like normal teenagers in love but they share a ...

These are the 5 animals who lives more then humans
Ok, so I knew one of these the rest I just realized... WOW

The Anorexic Pregnant Girl
Holly Griffiths is 21 years old and has battled anorexia from the age of eight. She gave birth to ...

Neighbors think it's a birdhouse but you'll smile when you see what is put inside it daily!
I love this idea!

She was trapped underwater in her car, but luckly she knew THIS. Unbelievable
Unless you have James Bond's car, landing your ride in the water is probably a nightmare scenario.

Silly pictures of people having a bit of fun with statues
Brought to life