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She found him homeless but what she did AMAZING
This golden dog may not be a lion in real life, but he can still be one at heart.

Unusual and Rare Weapons
The Chakram was a hoop-shaped disk with a sharpened outer edge and was used as a throwing weapon by ...


What if the Earth Lost Oxygen for 5 Seconds?

It's truly amazing just how much we depend on our little gaseous blue skin surrounding the Earth, and how little we care about things like it until they are gone.

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A 42-year-old man grabs a 16-year-old girl. What happens next is horrifying
One second later and it all could have been over

This Swedish Pilot Does Yoga Around The World And Her Selfies Are Taking Internet By Storm
The 32-year-old Swede from Gothenburg is a commercial pilot with Ryanair. She says she started her ...

Neighbors think it's a birdhouse but you'll smile when you see what is put inside it daily!
I love this idea!

Baby born with adult-sized tongue smiles after life-changing surgery
​A baby who was born with an adult-sized tongue due to a rare genetic condition can finally smile ...

His co-worker shouted every night in his dreams. The shocking truth was hidden underground 32 years ago
Sole survivor

Only Japanese may do these, no others can understand
They sleep in the meetings referred to the interlocutor in the third person and wear special shoes ...

The five-year-old boy stared wide-eyed at the naked woman and blurted out something priceless
Where do they come up with these things?

Little boy got head stuck in a fence but wait until you see how he gets out
A little boy named Joey got his head stuck in a wrought iron fence, making it almost impossible to ...

She’s pregnant with twins, but doctors see something strange during ultrasound
Lisa Hansen from the USA quite possibly has a textbook definition of challenging childbirth ahead ...