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The baby sobs until it can't cry anymore and the reason why its parents don't run to it will leave you pondering
What do you think?

Six weeks after their three-year-old's death, her parents hold a piece of her again in their arms
A selfless family


Photorealistic Paintings of Eyes Reflecting Their Surroundings

Though it is often said that the human eye can be revealing about a person, Jakarta-based Indonesian artist Veri Apriyatno's series d The Witnesses reveals a lot more about a person's surroundings through the reflection of their eyes. Each hyperrealistic mixed media creation in the series (made with charcoal, pencil, and acrylics on canvas) presents an entire world within the gaze of a glistening eye.

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The 19-year-old girl posted some bikini photos. But what's growing between her belly button and her thighs is turning heads.
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When this boy got into a truck with a stranger, his parents didn't say a word. But the truth is not what you think!
Childhood dream

Dying woman lays in hospital bed. Therapy dog tenderly comforts her during her final moments
Meet JJ. He's a golden retriever belonging to Project Canine, and a HOPE Animal Assisted Crisis ...

With and Without Makeup
Those women you see every day can be so much different from what they see in the mirror when remove ...

How Iranian women dressed in 1970s from old magazines before the Islamic Revolution
Iran before the Islamic Revolution of 1979 was quite a different country from the one we see today. ...

Artist Captures Tiny People in the Real World
Using sculpture, found objects, and photography, Roy Tyson creates scenes featuring little people ...

Hong Kong billionaire is giving $180,000,000 to any man willing to marry his daughter
Chinese businessman, Cecil Chao, made his billions developing luxury high rises in Hong Kong.

With a dislocated hip, the 2-year-old lay in the shopping cart. But when her mother entered the supermarket one day, she wept with joy
He watches her the whole day...

Digital Cobwebs Magnificently Beautify Nature
Plakhova intertwines reality-based photographs with a fabricated, complex network of dots and lines ...