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They put the baby in a laundry basket in the tub. The reason? Brilliant.
Why didn't I think of that?

16 Bizarre Photos That Will Make You Say WTF
The world's a weird place, but most everyday weirdnesses can be dealt with. Sometimes, ...


Embarrassing Moment Leads to Dramatic Life Change

22 year old Alexandra Collins took her new boyfriend home to meet her parents but it went less smoothly than she planned…br/When she arrived home and sat on the garden bench, her 304 lbs (138.6kg) weight caused the bench to splinter and break. She was so embarrassed by the fall that she started eating healthily and exercising almost the very next day. She has now slimmed down to 166 lbs (75.6 kg) in only 18 months and looks better than ever! (She does have a new boyfriend now though as her old boyfriend preferred her as a fat girl!)br/

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