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When this soon-to-be mother saw her ultrasound, she was shocked. The doctor had never seen anything like this before.
So rare

Super-cute snow monkeys cuddle together for warmth
Huddled together with their arms around one another, these little monkeys look more than happy to ...


Make Sand Castles At Your Desk

Want to build sand castles but don't want to go outside in the hot, hot sun? Too bad! Just kidding, that's totally possible thanks to Sand by Brookstone. It looks and feels like sand, but functions a bit like silly putty, letting you shape it into anything you can imagine. Surely this stuff is made of magic right? Nope, it's actually 98% sand and 2% polymer. And unlike regular sand (which is actually 98% sand and 2% broken glass, trash, and stuff that makes you say, ''Ew what is that?'') it won't stick to you, dry out, or make a mess.

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She never even knew she was pregnant... but gives birth in a bathroom
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He is playing hide-and-seek with the nanny. 5 minutes later he's plunging to his death.
A tragic story.

Beauty is a very subjective thing. The man handsome for different countries
People feel the constant need to change their appearance in order to be 'beautiful,' and this goes ...

8 stroke symptoms that women should be particularly aware of
This knowledge can save your life!

Rare Photos Of Chicago In 1949 Taken By Stanley Kubrick
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Girl was sick and went to doctor, but what written on prescription shocked everyone
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Do you have this? Is your second toe longer than your big toe?
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