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Her boyfriend didn't want to kiss her on camera. What she did instead SHOCKED
At the New York Knicks basketball game, the 'Kiss Cam' camera pans through the crowd looking for ...

This couple adopted 11 children. When the social worker visited them, what he witnessed was so horrible it made me sick


Mutant Produce from Japan

This oddly formed fresh produce is grown in the vicinity of Fukushima, Japan and from the look of them, I think it is better if you don't eat anything grown in this area at

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Doctor was secretly photographed sleeping, but never expected what happened
Just a few minutes rest.

Lovely And Original Hand-made Deer Antlers
Have you ever thought about what deers dream about? Well, we asked a few of our deer friends about ...

The Necronomicon Bikini
The Necronomicon bikini by Bloodlust Productions is made out of silicon. A girl who wears it could ...

Adorably Furious Little Girl Quickly Becomes Meme
Just one look at this photo and you can tell it's got meme potential. It was shared on Reddit with ...

The mother posts a picture of her daughter. Two seconds later she's dead
One look too many

The mother put the pillow on the sofa and her son burst out laughing! Take a closer look and you'll understand why.
An eye for detail

Children's hospitals have been using this trick to combat poor sleep for years
The heavyweight solution to bad sleep

After her boyfriend throw her from car, she changed her life forever
After years of being unhappy with her body, she'd managed to lose 91 lbs! S

What are those things? Look closer
It’s near the Gran Paradiso National Park, and it’s hiding something special. Can you see what it ...