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19 Fails That Probably Cost Someone Their Job
Listen, we get it. Of all people, we get it. Sometimes you let an errant comma slip. Maybe you ...

This couple had done this in a park and everyone watched. But then they landed in front of the most feared judge in the world.
Eye for eye, tooth for tooth


Awesome 'Resident Evil' Location in Japan

A real-world version of the &tt&Resident Evil&tt& video game coming to Universal Studios Japan this summer will arm theme park visitors with a gun and a limited amount of ammunition in a fierce battle against attacking zombie hordes.

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The girl ordered from the online store dress and that's what she get
American schoolgirl began to prepare for the long-awaited graduation. I saw on the Internet a red ...

Ever noticed the small buttons on your jean? This is what they're for?
There are stories inside the clothes we wear as well. Some of them aren't just interesting — ...

Complex & Beautifully Symmetrical Landscapes Of Earth
It's not first time that Google Maps has been reconfigured and subverted for the arts, but it's ...

Unbelievable facts that you want to know about China
Well, here are some quick facts about China that you probably had no idea about. Now you can tell ...

This Man Proves That Anything Is Possible
Thomas McIntyre is a fresh food manager in Northern Ireland but started gaining weight when he ...

A man held this tiny body, pushed on its belly, and without stopping to think pressed his mouth over its snout
Anything to bring him back to life

You think that it is a picture of a simple knot. But look much closer. Horrifying!
I'll never look at any of these the same way

Doctors couldn't believe what happened at this birth.
She thought the devil wanted to take her baby. So delicate...

The mother sits in an airplane when suddenly a woman takes her baby away. She can't express her gratitude!
The kindness of strangers