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Floating Umbrellas Once Again Cover The Streets in Portugal
Do you remember the colorful Floating Umbrellas installation in the streets of Agueda, Portugal we ...

Only 8 out of 100 people can solve this quiz correct. Are you one of the few that can?
We love brain teasers.

las vegas

The City of Las Vegas During a Turbulent Flood

The storm winds reached 71 mph in the city on Friday and the rain flooded parts of the Las Vegas strip, affecting as many as 33,000 people with power outages.

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Baby Bird Is Rescued by the Kindness of Man
This tiny bird fell to the ground in someone's home as a result of the scorching heat. The people ...

A man wanted to make a video on how to clip a hamster's teeth, but
When he opened its mouth, he couldn't believe what came out!

A gigantic boil was growing behind her ear. Shortly before it exploded, she discovered this substance.
Away with boils

Little girl wants to know why there are no police cats. The police's response is simply bomb
The 5-year-old Eliza from Durham, England, had a question, which she had already asked a lot of ...

You have to see this! At the first glance he looks like deformity
​By now, we’re all familiar with crash test dummies.

The cyclist finds him in the middle of nowhere. Using his shirt, he does the right thing
In the middle of nowhere

Those who hate cleaning oven will love this trick
Cleaning the oven has never been so simple, and so cheap! And best of all: this trick saves you the ...

It's normal for pregnancy to change a woman's body, but not like this. How awful
Complete transformation

When he gives his cat a bath, the owner realizes his pet is very different from others
That was unexpected!