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His co-worker shouted every night in his dreams. The shocking truth was hidden underground 32 years ago
Sole survivor

Glamour Photographs That Will Leave You Speechless
Before you read on, remember that ‘Glamour' is defined as follows: ‘The quality of fascinating, ...


Man Accidentally Photobombs Proposal, Turns into Meme

Nowadays, people are finding clever and creative ways to capture pregnancies and marriage proposals, but the soon-to-be-husband of redditor SpnkyHappy opted for a traditional, down-on-one-knee image at Disney World. What the couple didn't expect was for an unnamed man to accidentally photobomb their emotional moment. Now, the guy apologetically scurrying across the frame has become an internet sensation known as &tt&In the Way Guy.&tt&br/Quickly following the original image upload, fellow redditor flipflipflipflipflop provided a template of the awkward photobomber for others to create their own version of his accidental blunder. As such, he has been Photoshopped into some of the most memorable moments in history and pop culture, from the first moon landing to the big reveal of England's newest royal heir. He can even be seen blocking the path of an older photo meme subject, Ridiculously Photogenic Guy.

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