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An animal welfare group saves this bull from abuse. When he sees his first bed of hay, something profoundly touching occurs
After so many years

Ultimate Forever Alone Post
These pictures will show you the true definition of Forever Alone.


Freaks of the Past

Photos of freaks by a famous New York photographer Charles Eisenmann. The photos were made during the late 1880s when he worked in the Bowery district.

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2 years ago, she lost her dog then the incredible happens
2 years ago, she lost her dog in a heartbreaking moment. She thought she'd never see him again, but ...

They took this stray cat in, but nobody guessed what he'd become in a few weeks time
Just in time

Lion tried to attack a 2-year-old boy
‚Äč If you own a cat, you know that they crouch down and pounce while playing. The same thing was ...

You'll never guess what this piece of cord is really for
Looking through new eyes

I thought it was a dead dog, but then his eyes moved. What happens next is unbelievable
A horrible mess

These are the 5 animals who lives more then humans
Ok, so I knew one of these the rest I just realized... WOW

You think it's a zipper but look closer and you'll see what it really is. Unbelievable!
My eyes are playing tricks on me!

This man set up a hidden camera to capture the alarm he suffers early every morning
Like clockwork

With the last breath... This couple was buried alive
When they were dug up 2,800 years later, researchers were speechless at this sight.