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Proof that every woman eventually turns into her mother
“Take a good look at me. This is what you can expect Tanya to look like in a few years,” cackled a ...

The double face of regret: two-year-old boy pays a heavy price for his mother's drug use
The mask baby


A Dress Made From the Pages of an Old Thesaurus

Redditor jorimoo, also known as paperbagboris, made a beautifully detailed dress out of an old thesaurus. The dress is lined with fabric with a bodice underneath for support and is covered is hundreds of thesaurus pages. More photos can be found at imgur.

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11 Painful Sunburns We Never Want to Experience
Recently we've been discussing the best things about summer, like Slip N' Slides and lemonade. OH ...

8-Bit Teatime, Sugar Cube Art of Space Invaders, Pac-Man, and Tetris
Russian artist and photographer Dina Belenko has created ''8-Bit Teatime,'' a collection of photos ...

She drunk water lemon everyday. You may never except what happened
What drink is insanely inexpensive to make, keeps skin glowing, aids in digestion, can help you ...

How Iranian women dressed in 1970s from old magazines before the Islamic Revolution
Iran before the Islamic Revolution of 1979 was quite a different country from the one we see today. ...

Outer Child Photography by Cristian Girotto
The man-baby amalgamations combine the haggardness brought on by adult life with the doughy cheeks ...

She is pregnant model, what the doctors found her mouth is TERRIBLE
The Canadian model Elizaveta Bulokhoba lives a life that only others dream of: since she has been ...

When doctors saw the baby, they drew in their breath, looked like 80 year old
Real life Benjamin Button

This dog is so loyal! Watch how the puppy reacts when the ambulance arrives
Little white puppy’s owner refused to leave his owner’s side, even when the owner had passed out ...

Crazy weapons that the U.S. government has
The U.S. government is working overtime trying to develop new high-tech weapons.