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This couple adopted 11 children. When the social worker visited them, what he witnessed was so horrible it made me sick

A Selection Of Funny Hats On Even Cuter Cats
Cats. Without them, where would the internet be? It wouldn't be half as much fun that's for sure. ...


Expressive Photorealistic Oil Paintings of People in Water

There's something both sensual and tranquil about artist Linnea Strid's photorealistic paintings. The Stockholm, Sweden-based creative's oil paintings depict intriguing portraits of people drenched in water. Strid is able to depict the translucent liquid so effectively that it allows viewers to truly believe that they are looking at a photograph rather than a fact that the expressive faces distorted in the reflective water is so brilliantly executed creates an added layer of emotion that translates off the canvas. Despite the crystal clear water washing over a sense of calm in the viewer's mind, the gifted artist's growing collection of artwork manages to alternate between moments of serenity and panic as her subjects submerge and emerge from their watery encasements.

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