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Live your dream and don't ever give up... Little girl has her foot on backwards
Meet Gabbie, she was diagnosed with cancer to her knee at age nine.

This woman had the perfect body. But this photo caused a worldwide uproar
She started changing the world... with just a picture


A Small House Set Against Impressively Dramatic Landscapes

In this series, Manuel Cosentino transforms a tiny little house on a simple hill into a series of dramatically majestic landscapes. For two years, the Italian photographer documented the same location, capturing the house set against the changing light and weather throughout the years. The results, end Behind a Little House, are a stunning display of the magnificent wonders of nature, including the different seasons, a foggy afternoon, a storm rolling in, and a night sky filled with stars.

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There will always be obnoxious convertible drivers who just need to fit the stereotype.

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Disappointed hopes

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9 things that your mother keeps secret. They'll reduce you to tears.
In every mother there's a woman.

WATCH: When they told her one of her twins died. What happens next? A MIRACLE
I love medical stories that keep doctors scratching their heads.

Little girl shakes the rafters of her school with her rendition of the alphabet song
A natural!

The elegant man simply takes the sign from the blind beggar and writes something else on it. Suddenly, people are much more generous.
On the street

Do you throw away onion skins? Never again! You can do these six amazing things with them.
Onion power