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One of the most surprising things about ‘Monsters University‘ is just how much of a typical ...

This boy runs to the corner to escape a beating from his mother. But watch how the Golden Retriever reacts
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Adorably Furious Little Girl Quickly Becomes Meme

Just one look at this photo and you can tell it's got meme potential. It was shared on Reddit with the ''We tried taking a nice family picture now that my daughter is one. She looks like she's gonna slit someone's throat.'' Needless to say, things quickly got out of control in the best possible didn't take long for a few memes to emerge. But it was when the photo made its way to subreddit PhotoshopBattles that things really got going. Here are some of the amazing pics Redditors have made of this little girl. Her parents have decided to print out the best ones and have them made into a book for her.

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