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Coworkers with Animal Bodies
London ad creative Mike Whiteside has a tumblr called Desk Safari. He ads animal bodies to the ...

8 Of The Most Cringeworthy Album Covers Ever
I doubt many of us can think &tt&cringeworthy album covers&tt& without thinking of Kirk Van ...


5 U.S. cities mapped using only their Starbucks locations

Can you recognize various cities around the world based only their distribution of Starbucks? Slate has a 20-map, multiple choice quiz to test just that. If, however, you're feeling lazy or are too indifferent to submit your geographic and coffee shop knowledge to evaluation, then read are a few of the U.S. towns from their list already labeled…



New York


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Dad takes video as the dog runs towards the baby. But what happens next?
Pumpkin the sheltie dog has loads of energy.

She lay motionless for 7 years on old man's bed, when her sister visit, she ran screaming
Till death do us part and more

Students Painting a Live Body
In the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) students learn anatomy by painting a live ...

Talented Mom Creates Epic Napkin Art For Her Kids Lunch
There's already quite a few awesome parents out there, but creative mother of two Nina Levy takes ...

What does your hands say?
Ellen Goldberg, known as the Wise-Woman Therapist, explains that two lines in your palms can reveal ...

86 year old gymnast grabs the beam, my heart stops
When Johanna Quaas walks into the gymnasium, the last thing people are expecting her to do is ...

They caught worlds biggest alligator, but couldn't believe what is inside
Wild animals are extremely cool. They roam freely, going from place to place, hunting and fending ...

If you hate spiders, then this isn't for you
A dad tries to grab giant spider on the ceiling using a bowl from to the kitchen. Watch now.

Terrible examples of how not to do make-up
Makeup is designed to embellish the girl to emphasize her strengths and hide weaknesses. But some ...