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This man fell asleep on his brother's knee. Look a bit closer and it's clear that something is very wrong!
Three brothers

Everyone named him Ugly while overlooking the love he had to give
His fate concerns everyone


Rare Photos Of Chicago In 1949 Taken By Stanley Kubrick

If you hadn't already guess we're huge fans of director Stanley Kubrick, best known for creating cult classics such as ‘A Clockwork Orange', ‘The Shining', ‘Dr. Strangelove' and even the controversial ‘Eyes Wide Shut'. But whether shooting a film or photographing everyday life, his unique style and evocative imagery shines through. We've previously featured 17 of his most candid & personal photographs along with a mesmerising collection of 24 cinemagraphs, but today we're highlighting Kubrick's documentary to 1949 and Look Magazine, noticing his natural gift, commissioned him to photograph a series d ‘Chicago City of Contrasts'. He spent several weeks documenting the many facets of city life and below are a few examples of his experiences. His photographs showcase a city that celebrated the arts, provided entertainment for high society but who's roots and future lay in the ever expanding blue-collar industry.

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