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Empty glass bottles piling up? Save yourself the trip to recycling and make a lamp instead!
The best form of recycling...

The kitten cries out in pain as these Russian men carry it through the streets. I broke down in the end
Crying in fear


11 Clever Notes Left on Restaurant Receipts

Being a waiter or waitress can be pretty tough at times. Complaining customers, lame tips– the list goes on. But of course there are the select few awesome diners who actually appreciate their servers (or just want to give ‘em a laugh), and they leave a clever notes on the you really took to a waiter's tan or simply want to show off those fancy shmancy drawing skills. Either way, this sort of stuff might make his or her day! So take a cue from these 11 receipts, and follow suit next time you're eating out.

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The girl on the beach

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