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He nearly puked when he saw what his daughter did. He never expected THIS
Is he man enough?

What if the Earth Lost Oxygen for 5 Seconds?
It's truly amazing just how much we depend on our little gaseous blue skin surrounding the Earth, ...


This Cat Loves to Stick its Tongue Out

Lil Bub is undoubtedly one of the most popular cats online. With a massive following on all major social networks (see below), she's truly one-of-a-kind. Aside from being absolutely adorable, her unique traits are quite fascinating. Discovered as the runt of a healthy feral litter in a tool shed in rural Indiana, she was taken in as a rescue, born with a multitude of genetic anomalies such as:

Lil Bub is so popular online that she's even got her own book coming out this September. With 167 000 followers on Instagram, 169 000 Likes on Facebook, 15 000 followers on Twitter and millions of views on YouTube, Lil Bub is living proof that the Internet's cat obsession is alive and well.

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