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Lovely And Original Hand-made Deer Antlers
Have you ever thought about what deers dream about? Well, we asked a few of our deer friends about ...

A woman pulls the skin off this dog. Six weeks later you won't believe your eyes
All you need is love


Emotionally Charged Portraits of Faceless Shadows

Paris-based photographer Alexandre Bordereau (aka aRe-y0u-iN) features silhouettes of anonymous people artistically adorned with splashes of white paint for his B&W Portrait series. The unidentified individuals in the self-taught photographer's ongoing collection are all faceless shadows that manage to evoke different emotions through body language and carefully placed embellishments that makes each portraiture seem like its own universe.

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The baby lay on the sofa with a fever. His mother wanted to check on him but stopped short in astonishment in the doorway
Hairy caregiver

Everyone told her she was pretty. But then she turned 47 and made a horrible decision
One bad decision

The proof of why women live longer then men
It’s long been understood that, for the most part, women tend to live longer than men.

You'll be stunned by what happens when you wrap your feet in aluminum foil
A shiny all-rounder

Newborn twins seen on video hugging each other during bath
A woman uploaded a video that showed newborn twins hugging each other during a bath.

Rub some garlic on your window. You won't believe what happens next.
It will save you in an emergency

The doctors think this woman is insane, but then she draws a picture of a clock
One man knows immediately what to do.

She's smiling at the camera. But she'd be dead without what's in the background.
Don't touch!

Heartwarming Photos of Adorable Baby Foxes
This past spring, wildlife photographer Roeselien Raimond spent some time capturing the babies of ...