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This simple test will tell you when you'll die. Do you dare try it?
Let's see how you do!

Stunning Before and After Makeup Photos by Vadim Andreev
While some artists have mastered the Photoshop brushes to give some of their models a much needed ...


These Fun Illustrations Will Help You Read Chinese In Record Time

The Chinese language is a fascinating and expansive general rule is that if you recognize around 200 characters, that will allow you to understand around 40% of what you see – from menus, to street signs, through to newspapers and television commercials. That's enough for most tourists to travel around the country quite easily. If you want to get lost in a chunky novel, you're going to need to be familiar with around 1000 different characters. And finally, if you're planning on being an astrophysicist in China, you're going to have to broaden your range to around 20,000 characters.

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Little squares of fabric are scrunched up in a circle and attached with hot glue. It takes a very steady hand, but it's worth it.
Just like the real thing

Very Important Decorating Tips You Need to Know
Looking for a few home decor tips to spruce up your home? Well, I can guarantee you won't find most ...

Man buys turtles from food market and...
Two lovely sea turtles meant to end up as a fine meal in Papua New Guinea were luckily spared. ...

The doctor told her that she should keep the pregnancy a secret because her baby could die. What happens next? Wow!
Two small wonders

Are these photographs or paintings?
Paintings and photosgraphs have been around forever and they are one of the most popular forms of ...

Cute baby can't contain himself when he sees what flies out of his mom's mouth!
His laugh is contagious!

With the last breath... This couple was buried alive
When they were dug up 2,800 years later, researchers were speechless at this sight.

They were married for over 60 years. But what happened at the end is indescribable.
Until death do us part

20 Angry Notes From Victims of Theft
Have you ever been so angry that you just HAD TO MAKE A SIGN!? Well, that's exactly how upset these ...