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Meet Foo-Chan: The Perpetually Disappointed Cat
Foo-Chan is a 3-year-old Chinchilla Golden that lives in Japan. As you can see, the poor boy is ...

This is the world’s most flexible woman! All I can say is WOW!
Contortionists have always amazed me with their amazing flexibility, but Zlata, a contortionist ...


Hello Gas Man. Please. Come in!

If you are like most of the population in America, then you probably have to get your water heater fixed every once in a while. And like other people in America, you probably are home when strange people come into your house to do some repairs. Well, turns out that some people go the extra mile to make gas men... feel special I suppose? I don't even know to be honest. Here, just, take a look at this:

Right!? All that trouble and preparation for the gas man. [Insert Sex Joke Here]

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Another horror story. Elephant died in the street. The reason will make you angry
This 40-year-old elephant named Sambo had been working for the Angkor Elephant Company.

Have you seen this? Attention to penny under your cars door!
While your car is locked and unattended, either sitting in your driveway or at a shopping centre, ...

This mother made a huge mistake after meeting THIS biker. Now she's mortified.
Hard exterior, softy inside

This son secretly tapes his mother wearing a bikini. But when he puts it online, THIS happens
A love story

A woman found a lifeless mother on the road, but when she looked closer
It was just an afternoon like any other for Chloe Enright from Dunsborough, Australia.

Mom nurses baby on the bus
When the driver makes this announcement, she can’t believe it.

You think this baby is absolutely normal? Wait until you see his face, you won't believe it
They saw it in his eyes...

Baby stop to eat after the hospital. What a waiter does will melt your heart
A caring gesture!

These Sneakers Have A Built-in Tent
If you can keep a house in your pocket, why not store a tent in your sneakers? The Sibling ...