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Princess Monster Truck Is The Modern Cat For The Modern Internet
The cat you see before you is notable for three reasons: 1) Her name is Princess Monster Truck, 2) ...

How you unscrew a bolt if you have no correct wrench
Even the biggest home-improvement nut can't always manage a job, when the right tools aren't at ...


Prison in El Salvador

This cages were designed for temporary 72-hour stays. But many of MS-13 and M18 gang members have to stay there for months and even years. Unhuman conditions but at least they have some extra time before being killed in the streets.

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French Fry Vending Machine
Apparently I need to move to Belgium. They've got French Fry Vending Machines there! Here's one in ...

He disappeared into the bathroom with car wax. I was stunned when I saw it two days later!
So helpful

This puppy had hundreds of parasites taking over its body, but its reaction when they are gone is unbelievable
Take that, torturers!

The dying dog drags herself along. But what is shown in the last picture is unbelievable.
Alone on the street

Neighbors think it's a birdhouse but you'll smile when you see what is put inside it daily!
I love this idea!

15 Photographs With Inspirational Messages
Canadian Julian Bialowas is not only a freelance graphic designer, photographer and co-creator of ...

Special One-of-a-kind Marriage Proposal
Joseph Gonzales wanted to surprise his girlfriend, Jordan Seibert, with a marriage proposal. See ...

If you have a third or fourth line on your wrist, that means something quite special!

A guy secretly filmed his mom, result is truly something precious
You have a great son to do this for you. I hope you find whatever you are looking for. Good luck.