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She finds an abandoned baby raccoon and when she brings it home, a sweet bond is formed.
It's just so adorable!

What this man does in this photo?
Interesting historical photos..


16 Outstanding Fantasy Landscapes Created From Food

Carl Warner outstanding ‘Foodscapes‘ are a tribute to his incredible imagination, intricate design and awe-inspiring photography. Using different types of food, from sausages and stripes of bacon to onions, bread, chocolate and anything else you could find in your fridge, he's concocted a unique collection of fantasy landscapes. He's not the first to use food as art, but he might just be the most of his scenes amusingly emulate famous architectural sites whilst others unique snapshots of uncharted magical realms. Today we're featuring just a taste of his extensive collection, you can see the entire series which he and his team spend months here or better yet why not purchase the fantastic coffee table book?

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