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You can't beat baby powder in your bed. Here's why!
Not just for bums ...

The location of your bellyache indicates the cause. Be careful when it hurts in the upper left part!
Where does it hurt?


T-Shirts Lost In Translation

This is a series called English (Emphasis on ''ISH''). It features t-shirts being sold in Tokyo's Shibuya shopping district, all of which contain a nugget of truth, like ''Money is like much not not,'' ''SORRY Probably, he is smart?'' and ''Anyone asks donkey is feel better.'' None of which makes any damn sense. Okay, except the one that says Detroit Murder City. That… is probably the most accurate possible. The pics were actually taken by my big brother's childhood best friend's friend, Alan. I hope he bought all of them. If he didn't, well, Alan? You f***ed up. HARD. Send me a souvenir?br /

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